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“U gotta let go of all that past stuff…. Its like a bungie cord…. Soon as u get away It will pull u back… Until you cut the cable…. And only you can do that….” Taztro (My Big Brother)

I’m grateful for God, my family, the people has done everything for me to keep me happy, and made sure I had what I needed. I’m grateful for being able to write a book, and the things that I went through in life because without going through those things I wouldn’t be able to be where I’m at today. I’m grateful for life. Because God is letting me breathe, eat, have clothes on my back, and wake up everyday. Some people don’t get a chance to do that. But I DO!

First and foremost let me start off by saying Thank You God! Because without him I don’t think I would be where I’m at today! It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to write about but I just decided to write from my heart. I’ve been through a lot these past couple months. Most of you know from my pervious blogs that last year I tried to commit suicide, this year a family member tried to force himself on me so I had to leave from my home in Michigan to move with my mom, and me and my ex broke up through that time period. I’ll always love him very much throughout the bs. It was all crazy though!! Throughout it all I had the support from my brother Taztro! He’s my heart like I really do love him. He means the world to me! I couldn’t ask for a better brother! His music is #DOPE so check my brother out!! Lol! But seriously he’s played a huge part in my life, and I’ll forever be grateful for him! A lot has been happening in my life. I’m working on my book called Pretty Gang Banger it’s a trilogy, and I plan on building a brand called “Love YourSelf”. My goals are to “Save Lives, Give Birth To Young Girls Dreams, Share My Story, and Help Young Girls Get Through Tough Times! The motto everyone should follow is “Have Faith, Believe In Yourself, and Trust In God. I thought my life was a waste when I was going through all the stuff I went through but it isn’t! It’s more to life than just some guy, girl, or just the bs! Yes I thought I couldn’t get through what I went through but I did! Suicide, what someone in my family did to me, and my break up like all of that was hard it’s times where I just cry in the dark for hours. I could talk about it, people could understand but at the end of the day NO ONE knows how LARISSA feels only SHE does! There was times where I really did want to give up but God, and myself wouldn’t let me. I know I serve a purpose in this world because He could’ve let me die February 2012 but I DIDNT. I feel special you know? I have to prove to the world, and myself that I can finish my book, it become successful, I go through what I went through, and go through it, and have that title of becoming “The Best-Selling Author”. I AM determined to do that! I want to become a better woman for myself, my nephew, my mom and dad, my grandma, my brothers, and my sister. They ARE the only reason why I’m trying to do what I need to do!
I really hope you guys enjoyed the blog! Make sure you check out the other blogs and poems! STAY TUNED for Pretty Gang Banger!!!


Dear Old LaRissa (Poem)

Dear Old LaRissa

Dear old LaRissa
Is she really dead? I didn’t see the RIP picture
I hope SHE comes back I’ll really miss her
I hope she’s just taking a break
She’s been through a lot she felt like her life was a mistake
I knew she was in so much pain
Her heart was damaged she was living in a heartbreak
Crying late at night in the dark in tears of pain when it should’ve been tears of happiness
I hope the new girl doesn’t bring any cockiness
Or pretends she’s okay when she’s not
Thats what LaRissa did she hid her pain a lot
I hope the new girl knows she has a hard roll to fill
I really hope when times get hard she won’t lash out, try to commit suicide, and start to pop pills
LaRissa wasn’t crazy at all she just was going through major problems
Only she could solve them
I heard about the new girl though she seems to have her head on right
She knows that the limits for her isn’t high as the sky
She’s giving birth to her dreams
I know that LaRissa is turning over a new leaf
All she needs to do is Have Faith, Trust In God, and Believe


#DamagedHeart (Poem)


My heart was damaged when my heart was shattered
Avoiding all my problems I thought it would make it better
I’ve been through tremendous things in my life
My uncle tried to force himself on me, getting my heartbroken, and trying to commit suicide
Many tears were fell from my face you wouldn’t though my mother died
God gave me a second chance to live life, and show my talent
I’m trying to find myself, write two books, and trying to find a balance
If your is the strongest muscle in your heart why does it break so easily?
God put me through certain situations for a reason but there’s times when I felt like he is cheating me
2014 is coming and He’s preparing me to be stronger, wiser, and unique



Today’s word is “CHOICE”. God gives us free daily will, we make our own choices. Today what choices will you make? Knowing that you can choose right or wrong. Knowing that your choices will impact your life as well as others. Knowing that God wants you to choose a positive choice. Today make better choices than you have in the past. Think before you put actions behind it. Consult God in all your choices and try not to disappoint him because he never disappoints you. What choices will make you better? What choices will help you increase? What choice will help someone? Your choices have a BIG impact always remember that!

Loyalty Is The Key


[Loyalty] ; the quality of being loyal to someone or something.

When you think about the idea of loyalty, what do you think is most important about being a loyal friend? Loyalty is one of the most important character traits desired in a best friend. It is the precursor to all other qualities you hope your good friend would have. But, what does it really mean? The idea of loyalty can be defined truly as someone who chooses to believe in the idea of being good to someone. Loyalty can be defined as being supportive just because it is needed. Loyalty can be defined as faith and trust in someone because it is known that their intentions are in the right place.

Loyalty can mean different things to different people but it's more so defined through tender acts of being there even when sometimes you don't want to be, or maybe listening and following someone just because you know a friend has your best interests at heart.

Loyalty is when you're willing to give the last piece of the puzzle to give your friend clarity so they can know the big picture. Loyalty is when you expose yourself to being vulnerable in an attempt to help someone you love. Loyalty is when you'll tell the truth instead of telling a lie or entrust someone with confidential information and them keeping that information to themselves.

Loyalty is when someone will protect you from harm and keep you out of danger or trouble whenever they have the opportunity to do so. There are so many nuances to the idea of what a loyal friend should be, but ultimately, a truly loyal friend has your back always and tries their best never to let you down.

Patience is the Key


Hey Guys! Today’s word is “Patience”. Although we want things to happen for us right now, we want to be settled, we want THAT relationship to work, we want that business to prosper, we want that house, car, new job, etc. God says wait on him to open the doors that no man can close, wait on him to give you the green light, the last thing you want to do is go in prematurely. Your time is sure to come. But in the meantime and between time you have to be patient. Everything takes time, no need to rush because if it’s for you it will be given to you. Enjoy the molding process, that way God can shape you into what he wants you to be! Today practice patience see how it changes you walk, talk, and overall attitude.

image9.jpg LaRissa


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